A special friendship with my father

He was strong and bold and intensely opinionated. He was raised alone by his mother. I would see him when he arrived home at the end of the day beat tired kicking our toys out of his path.

With you, I share a unique bond of trust, complicity and friendship that shows me and suggests that anything is possible. He only had two daughters and one joined heaven at six years old in He is over 70 and is still working to make ends meat.

I have not done so. And, he will soon undergo open-heart surgery for this. Our relationship with the Father is supreme, paramount, and preeminent over all others.

It was all about family for us! Because all people must be reconciled to God in order to be saved, he, in his goodness and grace, has provided a Mediator for them.

The very pattern of prayer that he gave us directs that we go and do likewise. I am proud to be his daughter and many people will thank him when he and they get to heaven. My Dad is the greatest because not once in my life did I ever lose respect for him.

I love you, Lord! He gave us a loving and safe childhood filled with wonderful memories and godly teaching. We spend time in the Word together! Now, my dad is 80 years old this year. We all love you.

Our Relationship with the Lord

But God always did! He has taught us to respect God and to love Jesus with all of our hearts, just like he loves us. He deserves to be honored even though he is gone. He is a Pastor now and has a small church in Naples, Florida. People that I know most ministers will not give the time of day.

He has prayed with me, cried with me, and has guided me from the time I met his son, through having his three grandchildren, through all the tough times of life. To the uplifting joy he expresses in our lifes accomplishments.

The thought of the possibility of saying goodbye to my father is even more earth-shattering. My mom suggested he stop as he is 93 years old.

Adam was sent to earth to fall, and Christ came to ransom men from the fall. I say perilous because this course, particularly in the lives of some who are spiritually immature, is a gospel hobby which creates an unwholesome holier-than-thou attitude. My father and mother divorced because he wanted to become a pastor and she told him that she did not want to be a pastors wife.

Thank you, Daddy, and God bless you today and all the days before you. Fallen man is carnal, sensual, and devilish by nature; he is spiritually dead; he is out of harmony with the Father.

Between her and him, no matter what the degree of their love, there was a line over which she could not pass. He has always been my rock, gentle in spirit and with amazing wisdom. These past three years have been very hard on me, but my dad has continued to be here offering advice and encouragement.

My Dad was always there for me.There is a point in life where you stop being just friends. This section is for those special friends who demand such a special tag. It either could be your family or the one you love; share your love for them through these special ecards.

Please dear Father, I thank you for my gracious friend and his forgiveness of my transgressions and for my ability through you to forgive him. I belive he is my Godsent friend I prayed for and I pray that you would heal and restore our friendship, that you would make it even better for your Glory.

The friendship prayer asks God to bless your friendship to keep it strong.

Special Friend Poems

Sometimes, friendships can be tested in tough times, but with God’s help, friends can help each other lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Happy Father’s Day to a Special Needs Dad My husband doesn’t want me or the kids to acknowledge Father’s Day – because he’s a father every day. when my father-in-law stayed at my home for weeks, and we took care of him (he felt uncomfortable with the hospice nurses) it was a time when i had gotten to spend a lot of time with him each day.

Jul 23,  · Andrea had a very special dance with some very close family and friends at her wedding. Her father passed away so her brother recored "butterfly kisses" and she danced with with all .

A special friendship with my father
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