An overview of the main street by sinclair lewis

His father, a physician, led a strictly disciplined life, and his mother died when he was six. The townspeople gossip all the time and are completely uninterested in cultural or social issues. When she meets Will Kennicott, a doctor from Gopher Prairie, and listens to his praise of his hometown, she agrees to marry him.

Erik leaves Gopher Prairie. Main Street is written in the same vein as Sherwood Anderson's novel Winesburg, Ohio and Edgar Lee Masters' poem collection Spoon River Anthologyboth of which also sought to attack the romantic myths of small-town life.

Inhe became the first American ever to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. I guess quite a few folks come to see it. Interested in sociology, and village improvement in particular, she often longs to set out on her own crusade to transform dingy prairie towns into thriving, beautiful communities.

However, after Fern leaves town, Kennicott decides that Carol and Erik should stop seeing each other in order to avoid another scandal. In high school he improved, taking part in debating and other forms of public speaking.

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Forced to resign from the school, Fern leaves Gopher Prairie. In Babbitt, Lewis attacked middle-class American values through his satirical portrait of a big-city businessman.

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In these works, Lewis presents a response to a form of simplistic enthusiasm that tends to run through American culture, examining institutional religion, art, business, patriotism, and medicine with a skeptical eye.

While the townspeople treat Miles as an outcast because he supports socialism and the Democratic Party, Carol finds herself drawn to him. The grand climax was the stock market crash offollowed by the great depression of the s.

The people are as drab as their houses and as flat as their fields. Carol joins the Thanatopsis Club, hoping to use the club as a means of awakening interest in social reform, but the women of Gopher Prairie, while professing charitable intentions, have no idea of improving social conditions.

Recognizing her husband's love, Carol decides to return to Gopher Prairie. While such accusations about small towns limiting individuality may seem natural to us today, criticism of small-town America was not common before Lewis's novel appeared.

Main Street Summary

Her first social evening is also a disappointment, for she finds the conversation of both men and women personal and trivial. Lewis died in in Rome. However, after Fern leaves town, Kennicott decides that Carol and Erik should stop seeing each other in order to avoid another scandal.

After courting for a year, they marry and move to Kennicott's hometown of Gopher Prairie. Still cynical, he leaves Gopher Prairie for Canada. Disappointed by her first impression of the Gopher Prairie, Carol finds the town to be ugly and the townspeople to be provincial. He left Madison the next day.

Rather, the American reading public frequently mythologized and felt nostalgia for the goodness of small town life—romantic myths and traditional values that Lewis sought to mock.

Unfortunately, Bea and her son Olaf die from typhoid. Erik finds himself attracted to Carol and goes out with her for long walks. Carol refurbishes Kennicott's old-fashioned house with modern furniture and makes elaborate preparations for a party, a party unlike any party the town has ever seen.In Main Street and Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis drew on his boyhood memories of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, to reveal as no writer had done before the complacency and conformity of middle-class life in America.

The remarkable novels presented here in this Library of America volume combine brilliant satire with a lingering affection for the men and women, who, as Lewis wrote of George Babbitt, want.


Main Street Summary. Main Street, originally published inis the story of a sophisticated young woman who moves to a small town in the American Midwest in and struggles against the small-minded culture of the citizens who live town, Gopher Prairie, is closely patterned on Sauk Centre, Min-nesota, which is where Sinclair Lewis grew up, although the book makes clear that it.

Context. Harry Sinclair Lewis was born February 7,in the small Minnesota town of Sauk Centre, which would ultimately provide the model for the town of Gopher Prairie in Main Street. An awkward youth, Lewis did not have a very happy childhood.

Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. Main Street () is a story about Carol Milford, who is convinced by her new husband, Dr. Will Kennicott, to leave the city life to which she is accustomed.

Main Street: The Story of Carol Kennicott is a satiric attack on small-town life. In the ’s, a large component of America’s middle class sought a more liberal identity. The novel depicts. In writing Main Street, Sinclair Lewis paid little attention to formal plot development. Consequently the narrative presents a series of episodes rather than a tightly constructed plot.

Consequently the narrative presents a series of episodes rather than a tightly constructed plot.

An overview of the main street by sinclair lewis
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