Essay on how to save mother nature

Essay save mother nature

This time, it will be the 42nd anniversary of World Earth Day. Replace the air filters for your air conditioning unit once a month.

Save Mother Nature Essay Sample

Make it a point to switch off the television set or music system after use. Nature is our best friend which provides us all the resources to live here. It is never too late. If only we knew earlier. Recycle things to conserve our resources, collect old newspapers, books, magazines, bottles, and any other things that we could sell in junkyards.

In the increasing crowd we forgot to enjoy nature and improve health. Industrialisation gave us air pollution, dust, tainted water, noise, and garbage. Make it a habit to reduce the things we need or we consume. Essay for students Target Age Group: Computer is one of the most used gadgets in the house.

Nature is very colourful and has both living and non-living things in its lap. Therefore, people should learn as much as they can about ways that they can help save the environment; by working together, our planet can remain habitable for centuries to come.

Organize an environmental awareness campaign. Hold aluminum can purchases to a minimum. Save this beautiful Earth! Make sure the electrical appliances are not left on unless necessary when leaving the house. All the things we use for our living are the assets of nature which we should not spoil and damage.

A group of people, for instance, can file a class-action suit against a noisy airline or a negligent public official.

Importance of Mother Nature

Show full review on "Trustpilot" Tina K. Phosphates a key ingredient cause lake and river algae to proliferate wildly. But then it has to come from within the awareness and the awakening. Turn off the air conditioner when not in use.

Ultimately we are the real user of the nature so we should really take care of it. Therefore, he must love and take care of it. The evidence is disturbing: How beautiful scenery it looks in morning with sunrise, songs of birds, sounds of lakes, rivers, air and happy gatherings of friends in the evening in garden after a long day of crush.

Our other activities like cutting trees and forests increase the amount of CO2 gas in the environment causing green house effect and global warming. We started using technological instruments for our health fitness.Let’s save our ‘Mother Earth’ It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity.

People all over the world celebrate this grand event to protect flora and fauna and to clean up the earth on which we live. Short essay/paragraph about Nature for kids,students and a famous poet said, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” i feel it like a helping Mother.

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Nature Essay

Reply. it develops awareness that we should save beautiful element of nature. Voices of Youth (VOY) was founded in as UNICEF’s online place for young people to learn more about issues affecting their world.

Today, VOY is a vibrant community of youth bloggers from all over the world, offering inspiring, original insight and. Nature & Environment. Green Transportation. Land For Sale. Newsletters. Video. Podcasts-Advertisement-How You Can Help Save the Planet At MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we are dedicated to conserving our.

We have turned his mother nature vs nurture term paper example, nature essay topics. Matriarchal societies are beyond saving mother, memo of journal an essay on essay outline for kids. Being good mother is the environment essay about nature and. Essay save mother nature Essay on save trees save environment Save Trees Essay for Class Find paragraph, long and short essay on Save Trees for, we should honour and save trees in order to save life and environment.

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Essay on how to save mother nature
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