Hr project on motivation

When an individual experience lack or deficit of something, he looks around his work environment to see if there are any incentives or reward for performance of a task which would lead to satisfaction of that need.

Obviously job satisfaction and job involvement will be greater when the morale is high.

Importance of Motivation in Human Resource Development (HRD)

The two factor hypothesis suggested that the factors involved in producing job satisfaction were separate and distinct from the factors that led to job dissatisfaction. Sometimes morale can be used as a group concept though it is generally associated with individual behaviour.

Ultimately, it falls into two broad categories: For example, if your company is sales-focused, you can offer prizes -- such as electronics or gift certificates -- to top salespeople in lieu of simple cash.

This is based on the presumption that man works out of fear.

Such enthusiasm can be taught not through training but through your personal management abilities. After the needs of the body and security are satisfied then a sense of belonging and acceptance becomes prominent in motivating behavior.

Maslow took the position that until these needs are satisfied to the degree necessary to maintain life, other needs will not motivate people. The type of incentives motivates more 34 4. What changes can be made to improve the work place environment? Leadership While being relaxed and informal may gain you friendship status among your staff, it is detrimental to motivation.

On the other hand, the absence of these factors actually demotivates the employee. This theory states that employees can be motivated by a dual pronged strategy of rewarding them for good work and punishing them for bad work. It is for this reason that the HR managers stress on the employees having high levels of motivation to get the job done.

Project Report on ‘Motivation of Employees’

In a factory when blue-green lighting was introduced to reduce eye strain, the output of men workers increased but that of women workers decreased. Financial or Monetary motivation may include different incentives wage plans, bonus etc.

Another individual with the same security need may seek out responsibility for fear of being fired for low performance. Morale, as a group concept, can be applicable under three general conditions: Management is really interested in motivating the employees? Mcfarland, "The concept of motivation is mainly psychological.

One of the most widely mentioned theories of motivation Is the hierarchy of needs theory put forth by Abraham Maslow inbased upon his clinical experience. However, as we have seen in this article, employees are motivated by factors other than pay and hence, the HRD function must take cognizance of this fact and proceed accordingly.

Support from the co-worker is helpful to get motivated 41 4. I very great fully wish to forward due respect and thanks to my internal faculty guide Miss. Motivation can be understood as the desire or drive that an individual has to get the work done.

The end goal is to sharpen current skills and teach new ones to increase efficiency. Project Report on the Process of Motivation: Finally, set an example. Even though there are several resources like physical and human resources, in an organisation, the human resource is considered as an important one.

The non-monetary negative motivation may include reprimands, cut in facilities and greater control on the activities etc. They're the foundation of your business, so treat them accordingly.Hr Project on Motivation; Shahid kv declare that the project entitled “A Study on employee motivation of Hyderabad Industries Ltd” submitted to Calicut University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of business administration is a record of original project work done by me during my period of.

1- To develop a policy for employee motivation in an organization.

Hr Project on Motivation

2- To develop procedures for implementing motivation techniques, and 3- To evaluate employee outcomes through motivation techniques. Suggested Project Format: The project report shall comprise on words or 7 pages. The lay out of. HR Performance Issues and Motivation BUS Organizational Behavior December 3, HR Performance Issues and Motivation Motivation is a driving force that starts, maintains, and stops behaviors.

A sense of achievement, recognition, enjoyment of the job, promotion opportunities, responsibility, and the chance for personal growth are. Motivating people is a large part of the project manager’s job. You should know the motivation theories for the PMP Certification Exam. Motivation can be difficult because not everyone is motivated by the same type of reward.

As proposed by Douglas McGregor, Theory X and Theory Y describe two.

HR Project on Motivation

My Whats App: + Project Report on Motivation Level of Employees or Employees Motivation. Certificate. This is to certify that the research project report entitled “Motivation Level of Employees” has worked on Final Year Student of MBA under my has showed a tremendous zeal, working spirit and enthusiasm towards this project.

A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION. CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION The project work entitled a STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION with special reference to Hyderabad Industries Ltd; Thrissur is mainly conducted to identify the factors which will motivate the employees and the organizational functions in Hyderabad Industries Ltd, Thrissur/5(85).

Hr project on motivation
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