Managerial accounting hilton quiz1 answers

A automotive B computer chip C restaurant D airline 35 A manufacturer of deep-sea oil rigs may be least concerned about this marketplace force. D is a government agency regulating the use of customer information. B the IT value chain.

A variable costs can best be described as: Describe the parts of a T account. D rights and privileges.

B It sees capital and labor as primary production factors. The overall formula for profit is: Finally, financial accounting is mandatory for external reports and it needs to comply with rules, such as generally accepted accounting principles GAAP and international financial reporting standards IFRSwhereas managerial accounting is not mandatory and it does not need to comply with externally imposed rules.

Managerial Accountants spend a lot of time working out how much stuff really costs not just what people tell them it costs.

Managerial Accounting - Test 1

B Identify the stakeholders. It indicates areas that need improvement improvement and areas that are doing well.

C executive support systems. A transparent marketplace B high product differentiation C poor process efficiency D demand control 37 Wal-Mart's continuous replenishment system allows it to A provide mass customization. B Business collaboration relies on the formation of teams that are assigned a specific task or goal.

I believe, this treatment is not proper. A low-cost leadership B product differentiation C focus on market niche D customer intimacy 41 The introduction of new information technology has a A dampening effect on the discourse of business ethics. Accounting is very important to to calculate some important metrics metrics such as the growth growth rate of the economy.

Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers for use within the organization. The partners share the profits and losses of the business according to a prearranged agreement. A managerial B governmental C social D organizational 9 From a business perspective, raw data is transformed systematically during various stages, transforming it into valuable information, in a process called A the information value chain.

Indicate in which financial financial statement s the following following items would appear.

Managerial Accounting Hilton Answers

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Each problem is worth 15 points. Name: uses the weighted-average method of accounting for units and costs. 38) Hilton Hotels' use of customer information software to identify the most profitable customers to direct services to is an example of using information systems to A) strengthen customer intimacy.

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Managerial accounting hilton quiz1 answers
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