Ndsu honors thesis

Inquiry in the Humanities.

Honors Program

The experiential project has two essential components: Advanced Colloquium in the Humanities. All honors courses are designed specifically for the honors program and are not harder versions of other classes.

Dates will be advertised each semester. The introduction should answer two questions: For more information on eligibility and admissions, see the Schreyer Honors College web page.

After each source, write an annotation, i. Instead, an electronic copy must be submitted to the Honors Office. A thesis will thoroughly investigate previous research on a topic and will include your own insights and contributions to the topic.

The Schreyer Honors College strongly encourages study abroad, and so do we. The total time allotted for each presentation is one hour. What is an academic question? Normally, the body of the proposal, including the literature review, the question being asked, the methodology and the expected results and conclusion sections, will not exceed five, double-spaced typewritten pages.

Your classes will be filled with other honors students: What if I do not pass? The thesis proposal is a 5-page document that shows you are embarking on a solid, academic project that will satisfy the thesis requirement. You will take small classes in research methods and developmental theory to help you build a strong foundation of knowledge before you start your thesis.

You and your advisor must both sign approval forms. Table of Contents Include a table of contents that guides the reader to the various sections of your paper. Could you have approached your project in a different way? Most honors students have more than one real-world experience during their time in the Honors College.

The portfolio is an exercise in design, critical analysis, professionalization and self-awareness, making it one of the more interdisciplinary projects. Full requirements, as per the Academic Calendar, may be viewed on the second page of the application form.

You will participate in honors seminars that are small, discussion-based classes with students.

Honors Thesis/Capstone Experience

Senior Honors Thesis The Honors Thesis is a senior year activity that presents students with a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the creative processes that are fundamental to universities.

In the case of a satisfactorily revised thesis, another oral presentation is not required. A sample list of thesis titles is also available.

Additional benefits from the Schreyer Honors College include financial and academic support for international travel and research, social and professional events for honors students, and opportunities for leadership and community service.

It could also mean projects that push students beyond the walls of the university. Honors Program Objectives By completing the honors minor students will be able to: This can be anyone who is in a faculty position including clinical faculty and senior instructors at any WSU campus.

Students can take advantage of the 3D printing opportunities available at NDSU for product development. If you are pursuing a major in nursing or speech and hearing sciences or if you are planning to study abroad in junior year. In five to ten minutes, you will be invited to return to the room and be told whether you have passed.

Readings and discussion of selected works that reflect the methodology and concerns of the social sciences, with emphasis on US Diversity; orientation to methods of Honors work.

Do your findings corroborate those in the published literature? The portfolio is an exercise in design, critical analysis, professionalization and self-awareness, making it one of the more interdisciplinary projects. Readings and discussion of selected works that reflect the methodology and concerns of the sciences; orientation to methods of Honors work.

The student should produce an original interpretation of the evidence that contributes to the field of study.

Your Honors Thesis

Advanced interdisciplinary courses on varying topics in the humanities. First year honors courses introduce students to the unique atmosphere of the honors classroom as well as the student-centered design of the courses.HON Senior Honors Thesis.

Credits. Supervised independent study culminating in a thesis. Repeatable to 9 credits. Prerequisites: Consent of the Department and approval of the Honors Committee, and ENGL Repeatable to 9 credits.

F,S,SS. Honors Thesis Students pursuing the Research Citation in Honors must successfully complete and defend an approved Honors Thesis under the direction of a faculty member.

These projects typically take two academic years to complete. All Honors students will complete an Honors Capstone Project. The project will be guided by a faculty mentor in the student's chosen field of study. Honors students will engage in and seek out experiential learning opportunities. Ndsu honors thesis student must carry the project to its final conclusion in order to be awarded credit for the course work.

Many students connect with thesis advisors by working with them on course designations during Honors-in-Major coursework. Honors Program Requirements Honors new requirements are designed to give motivated students more flexibility in pursuing their interests.

Honors students are expected to maintain a GPA throughout their academic career. The Honors Program combines the love of learning with the desire to positively impact the world.

With UND Honors, you'll be part of a stimulating learning program that emphasizes a close-knit community, active learning and preparing for the future.

Ndsu honors thesis
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